A New Standard for the “High” Life

Wander down the twists and turns of the cannabis path, and before long, you’ll find yourself entranced by the magic of New Standard. We are here to flip the phrase “Once upon a puff…” into a whole new, unconventional ballad of buds, giggles and existential revelations.

Step into Wonderland

Set foot in our Cannabis Provisioning Centers and prepare to be taken on a journey of sensory indulgence. Let our scent-laden labyrinths of interactive exhibits take you down a ‘green’ memory lane, where every whiff sparks tangy tickles or transports you to meadows of Mary Jane.

Forget for a moment about Alice and her caterpillar; it’s time to meet your own quirky guides! Our “Bud-tenders” (think mixologists, only greener) have made it their mission to help you navigate through the sea of sensational strains with a grin that matches the Cheshire Cat’s.

A Truly Elevated Experience

At New Standard, we celebrate the city lights, lounge music, and raucous laughter that punctuate the euphoria of sharing good times over great green. We passionately believe that, with the right mix of herbs at hand, every meet-up can become a mind-altering adventure.

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