A Day in the Life: Navigating the World of Marijuana at Joyology

Working at Joyology, a thriving marijuana company, is not just another job in retail. It’s an opportunity to become part of a vibrant, innovating industry that offers immense personal and professional growth — all while contributing to the wellness and happiness of communities in Three Rivers, MI, Wayne, MI, Quincy, MI, Allegan, MI, Burton, MI and Reading, MI, and beyond. Here’s a glimpse into a typical day in the life of a Joyology employee.

Early Morning: Stock Up on Joy

It begins with a stock-up. We start our day by unloading the fresh supply that comes in from our partners. This is all the more exciting because getting to acquaint ourselves with a myriad of strains and variety of products like oils, edibles, vapes, and more!

Morning: Training and Updates

Post stock-up, it’s time for an invigorating team meeting. We often have industry experts come in to give us insights and further training about the products. Understanding the ins and outs of marijuana, from its recreational use to its medicinal benefits, is a top priority. Our team is dedicated to staying informed, adapting, and growing with the evolving Marijuana Regulations in Michigan.

Noon: Customer Service Excellence

As our doors open to the public, providing top-notch customer service is our primary goal. We aim to foster an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome, from experienced consumers to first-time visitors. Guiding customers through our extensive range of products and answering their queries comprehensively forms a significant part of our day.

Afternoon: Speedy, Discrete Delivery

Simultaneously, our dedicated delivery team ensures marijuana delivery to our customers in Three Rivers, MI, Wayne, MI, Quincy, MI, Allegan, MI, Burton, MI & Reading, MI. Key to this role is ensuring our valued customers receive their orders accurately and efficiently, marking another exuberant accomplishment for the day.

Evening: Prepare for Tomorrow

As the day draws to a close, our team starts preparing for the next day. We restock, clean, and organize to ensure we’re ready to welcome another day, filled with the satisfaction of aiding our communities’ wellness needs.

Working at Joyology is more than just a job — it’s a lifestyle, a learning experience, and most of all, it’s delivering joy, one customer at a time!

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