Scaling New Heights of Cannabis Business: A Case Study for New Standard

The vision of New Standard isn’t just to be a typical dispensary. They aim to reshape the conversation about cannabis by establishing new benchmarks for accessibility, quality, and variety.

Across Michigan – covering Grand Haven, Sand Lake, Saugatuck, Muskegon, Edmore and Nunica – New Standard thrived in establishing dispensaries that not only reach consumers but also triumphantly contribute to the broader acceptance of cannabis.

New Standard’s dispensaries are viewed as more than a store – they’re emblems of a cultural shift. With an extensive selection of strains and products, they enable everyone from medical patients to recreational users to navigate the world of cannabis with confidence and sophistication. Nurturing partnerships with local growers and processors, New Standard ensures the products’ quality is always up to the mark while supporting developing communities.

Interestingly, they even made the phrase ‘Dispensary Near Me’ a symbol of reassurance, rather than mere convenience. So, whether you are in Grand Haven, Muskegon, or Nunica, you know a reliable, safe, and community-focussed cannabis shopping experience is just a quick search away.

This vision has made New Standard a unique dispensaries chain, deepening their roots within the communities they serve while scaling new heights in the cannabis industry.

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